Crossroads Fund Welcomes Veronica Morris Moore!

Veronica, second from the right, on the Youth Fund Grantmaking Committee.

Crossroads Fund is excited to welcome our new Lisa Fittko intern, Veronica Morris Moore. Veronica, raised on the southside of Chicago, began her journey as an organizer shortly after graduating high school in 2010. She comes to us from Fearless Leading by the Youth (FLY), a Woodlawn based, youth led organization that is fighting to make the lives of people in their community better. She has been a fierce leader in the struggle to raise awareness about the lack and necessities of trauma centers on the south side of the city. As a member of the community, Veronica tirelessly supports issues such as restorative justice, housing rights, school closings and more. She has also twice served on the Youth Fund for Social Change Grantmaking Committee at Crossroads Fund.

“I am so excited to serve as staff for Crossroads Fund”, Veronica shared. “As an organizer and student of the movement I’ve soaked in so much knowledge from so many different people and places. I am looking forward to everything the opportunity has to offer me as well as showing what my short experience as an activist and community member has to offer the other side of the table. Crossroads Fund does a superb job of supporting emerging organizations like FLY that work hard to nurture the future of youth social movements as well as the youth themselves. It's an honor to model what their investment and attention to youth activist can produce.”