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Join Us and Sustain the Fight For Education Justice

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My name is Teresa Garcia and I’m a sustaining donor at Crossroads Fund. Sustainers give a fixed amount monthly, quarterly or annually. I want to share why I support Crossroads Fund and invite you to join me.   

In the world we live in today, there are so many things that seem to be falling apart. Sadly, one of those things is Chicago Public Schools. Being a parent, I see day-to-day how much CPS teachers give to our kids. But I also see the city of Chicago taking from our teachers and our schools – closed schools, dirty schools, insufficient funding, inadequate resources…the list goes on and on. It is terrible to witness. Thankfully, I also see Crossroads Fund actively supporting organizations that are fighting the powers that be and taking them to task so that our youth have a fair playing field.

By giving to Crossroads Fund you get more bang for your buck, because you are not just supporting one thing; you are supporting a multitude of movements, organizations and ideas that, when they come together, have a powerful impact on our community. If you give to Crossroads Fund you are also giving to youth, you are giving to schools, and you are giving to teachers.

Will you join me in supporting the necessary work of Crossroads Fund by making an end of fiscal year gift? Please consider a one-time gift of any amount or sign up to join a community of sustaining donors.

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Thank you for your attention.

In Solidarity,

Teresa Garcia


Crossroads Fund grantees are fighting on the frontlines for a just education system. Here is one recent example.

Raise Your Hand, a group that advocates for quality public education, was part of the special education advocates coalition that called for a public inquiry into CPS special education practices by the Illinois State Board of Education. They fought to hold CPS accountable for their actions by organizing and interviewing parents, educators, and students. Their efforts ultimately revealed a series of violations of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. In May the Illinois State Board of Education concluded that CPS violated federal law and recommended a three-year monitoring process. Crossroads Fund has supported Raise Your Hand for many years and also provided a Critical Response Fund grant for their special education work. The Critical Response Fund is rapid response money to protect, empower and support community members in this time of heightened racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism and xenophobia.

With only 3 weeks left to the end our fiscal year, your support ensures that we end the year strong to continue to support grantees making transformational change in our city all year round.

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