Annual Report 2011


Annual Report CoverPhoto captions, clockwise from top left: Immigrant Youth Justice League, photo by Sarah Jane Rhee;
Kent Utsey, Daryl Woods, Terry and Kelly Adekunlé, and Billie Porté at Seeds of Change 2011;
Chicago Freedom School Freedom Fellows; Jane Addams Senior Caucus
Andrew Plautz, Christine Kim-Tai Plautz, and Lena Sum at mini golf, big change 2011. 

In 2011, more than 800 individuals, foundations and organizations made a contribution to support grassroots groups working for racial, social and economic justice in Chicago. In a year of continuing economic hardship and growing mobilizations for economic justice around the globe, our donors rose to the challenge, giving generously to support Crossroads Fund and our grantees.

These donations allowed Crossroads Fund to give out $246,694 to 56 groups working for social change across a spectrum of issues. Our grantees are building movements, working across issues and neighborhoods, and addressing issues of race, class, ability, gender and sexual orientation.

Building movements takes more than money. Crossroads Fund brings our grantees together to share their experiences and build their skills. In 2011 we hosted seven grantee gatherings on everything from organizational development, including fundraising, financial management and applying to mainstream foundations, to organizing strategies like non-violent methods and youth organizing. We also provided funding for ten grantees to receive targeted coaching to help them increase their impact.

None of this work would have been possible without our diverse community of donors, volunteers, board members and allies. Thank you for your continued support for racial, social and economic justice!

Report on Fiscal Year 2011