Disability Rights

Chicago ADAPT

Crossroads Fund provided the first and only funds that supported grassroots direct action organizing by people with disabilities in Chicago. In 1984, Crossroads Fund supported disability rights organizations in their work to make the CTA provide accessibility to people on wheelchairs, even prior to the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act! – Rene David Luna, ADAPT

Disability intersects with every movement for social and economic justice. Disability rights activists have played prominent roles in struggles for affordable housing, accessible public transportation, reproductive health and justice, and GBLT rights. Crossroads Fund has supported disability issues since our first year of grantmaking. Our seed grants have supported the growth of new organizations like Feminist Response in Disability Activism. And our funding was instrumental in winning the fight for wheelchair accessible buses in Chicago. We also press all of our grantees about whether their events, offices, and services are accessible for people with disabilities.

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