Leaving a Legacy

Barclay and Strobel“I can’t add my name onto the fight when I’m gone. So I guess I’ll have to do it when I’m here”
Phil Ochs, When I’m Gone

“Through making Crossroads Fund a beneficiary of our will, we can do it when we’re here and when we’re gone.” Bill Barclay & Peg Strobel, Crossroads Fund Donors

Estate planning is a powerful way to express your values and vision for the future, and to care for your partner, family, and community. In order to ensure that your wishes are carried out, you should have a will.

With proper planning, you can make sure your wishes are fulfilled, possibly lower your estate tax, and also create powerful change. Here are some ways to give:

Remember Crossroads Fund in your will. It is important to have a will, because without one, decisions about your estate will be made by the state.

For more information about the importance of having a will, click here. For sample bequest language to use when naming Crossroads Fund in your will, click here.

Establish a Charitable Trust. Certain trust options may reduce your taxes now or in the future, while benefitting Crossroads Fund.

Donate Life Insurance. This affords a tax advantage while enabling you to give a larger gift than you might otherwise find possible.

Name Crossroads Fund as a Beneficiary of a Retirement Plan.

Contact Executive Director Jane Kimondo at jane@crossroadsfund.org or 773.227.7676 if you would like to discuss any ideas or questions you have about leaving a legacy for social change. 

Thank you to our
Crossroads Fund Visionaries

These dedicated individuals have included Crossroads Fund in their will or estate plan, ensuring the long-term strength and stability of the fund and leaving a legacy of their values and vision.

Anonymous (3)
Bill Barclay & Peg Strobel
Henry T. Chandler, Jr.*
Ferd Eggan*
Sandy & Mark Ehlert
Ruth & Dale Fast
Maggie Gibbs
Linda Harlan
Neena Hemmady
Barbara Kemmis
Jeanne Kracher & Laura McAlpine
Susan Nussbaum
Patricia O’Brien
Sheila O’Donnell & Nora Gallagher
Rachel Wallis & Alex Rocklin
Bob Weissbourd
Iris Young*
*in memory