Cross-Race Dialogues and Action

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Since our founding 40 years ago, our mission has remained constant - to resource grassroots movements addressing the root causes of injustice to change systems. The groups we fund lead strategic social movements that don’t occur in isolation. The work is nuanced and complex and at the heart of it are the relationships we build across-race, across-class, gender diverse, intergenerational and more. Because we are all coming at this work from our own unique perspectives and lived experiences it can be, I’ll say it, messy. It’s not always shiny, but it is in the generative dialogues that we find important lessons.

Grantees Highlights:
Race Conscious Dialogues, working with white people to deepen their awareness of identity, power, and privilege, and develop tools for anti-racism work.

Evanston Present and Future is leading a Reparations Ambassadors program of white and non-black people of color who will educate others and fundraise for Evanston's reparations fund.

People Matter is working to uplift Black residents in Chinatown and address anti-blackness in Asian communities throughout Chicago.

At Crossroads Fund we pool resources to sustain movement work for the long haul. We know that change takes time and yes, hard truths. Crossroads Fund is  committed to funding movements for racial, social, and economic justice in Chicago. Will you join us by making a one-time gift or a gift over time?

In Solidarity,

Jane Kimondo

Executive Director



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