August 23, 1909

Every August, we pause to celebrate Lisa Fittko's birthday and honor her legacy. At Crossroads Fund, this legacy lives on through the Lisa Fittko Internship, which is an integral part of Crossroads Fund's mission to support the development of youth organizers and activists. We also celebrate and thank all the supporters of the Lisa Fittko Internship.

We are delighted to share a note from the 2022 Lisa Fittko Intern, Raquel Jackson-Stone, the 11th intern of the program.

My name is Raquel Jackson-Stone. I am the 2022 Lisa Fittko Intern at Crossroads Fund. I am honored to serve an internship in her name because of her commitment to what was right in the face of the perilous obstacles imposed by an unjust system. I am humbled by the life-threatening situations she faced in the name of what she believed in. I have organized and participated in many of the same activities of protest, political education, labor and community organizing without serious consequence. I can’t imagine the strength and resolve it takes to persevere in the face of your worst fears. Reading her memoir, Escape Through the Pyrenees,during the summer of 2022 puts into perspective how important it is to continue doing the political work to make our communities safe and preserve democracy. Watching a conservative Supreme Court begin the process of taking rights from women, LGBTQIA+, immigrants, and the EPA reminds me of the political attitudes Lisa and Hans challenged under the Fascist German government that forced them to flee all over Europe.

I have made my career of improving the lives of the most socially and economically disadvantaged communities in our society through community organizing, advocacy, activism, and sound policy. I am currently studying policy at the University of California Los Angeles, learning how we can reform our own unjust systems so people don’t suffer from oppressive forces that want to control their lives. Serving as the Lisa Fittko Intern with Crossroads Fund has allowed me to go back to the radical community work I love, learn about philanthropy, and understand and solidify the policies and practices that make Crossroads Fund unlike any other organization working for systematic change

A big theme in Lisa Fittko’s memoir is about the importance of being connected to a community. Finding people who share your vision for the world, and who will risk everything they have to achieve it. These relationships are what saved Lisa’s life, and what allowed her to save hundreds of other people in return. Crossroads Fund is the kind of place where people can make these connections. The unapologetically radical organizations that Crossroads Fund supports are the kind of organizations that will continue to protect and defend their communities against conservative forces that would see them harmed through racist policies and state-sanctioned violence.


 Your support contributes to cultivating youth leaders like Raquel, who are dedicated and passionate about building just, inclusive and generative communities, following the legacy of Lisa Fittko.  Will you consider making a gift today to continue our tradition of fostering the growth of young Chicago leaders? Your gift of any amount will be pooled to support the Lisa Fittko Internship at Crossroads Fund for years to come.

Thank you!

Jacqueline Kirley and Jaquelyn Zevin
Friends of Lisa Fittko

Mon, Aug 23, 2021


A year ago, we didn’t have a vaccine or all the information necessary to keep our communities safe. What was true then and now is that the harm caused is not equally distributed. Through our Critical Response Fund, Crossroads Fund has supported groups on the ground who have stepped up to ensure that their communities have the necessary information and resources to survive through mutual aid support.
Mutual aid isn’t about changing hearts and minds but about changing our economic structures and our social relationships to build the world we want. It is not just a number to call in an emergency, but a blueprint for how we build solid relationships and collectively care for our neighbors without expectations. It is profoundly challenging interpersonal work.

Grantee Highlights:

Youth Empowerment Performance Project (YEPP) - a group providing mutual aid to LGBTQ youth experiencing homelessness and creating alternative systems of support.

Mama's Activating Movements for Abolition and Solidarity - mothers of folks who have been impacted by criminal justice state violence.

360 Nation - a West Garfield Park community organization that works with youth to transform vacant lots into urban farms and spaces for developing critical consciousness.

Crossroads Fund is committed to supporting mutual aid movements rooted in the belief of solidarity, not charity.  Will you join us in supporting these movements by making a one-time gift or a gift over time


Jane Kimondo

Executive Director



LISTEN UP! Follow our Hot Rad [ICAL] Summer Playlist, a digital gift to you from the Crossroads Fund staff.

Wed, Aug 18, 2021

Since our founding 40 years ago, our mission has remained constant - to resource grassroots movements addressing the root causes of injustice to change systems. The groups we fund lead strategic social movements that don’t occur in isolation. The work is nuanced and complex and at the heart of it are the relationships we build across-race, across-class, gender diverse, intergenerational and more. Because we are all coming at this work from our own unique perspectives and lived experiences it can be, I’ll say it, messy. It’s not always shiny, but it is in the generative dialogues that we find important lessons.

Grantees Highlights:
Race Conscious Dialogues, working with white people to deepen their awareness of identity, power, and privilege, and develop tools for anti-racism work.

Evanston Present and Future is leading a Reparations Ambassadors program of white and non-black people of color who will educate others and fundraise for Evanston's reparations fund.

People Matter is working to uplift Black residents in Chinatown and address anti-blackness in Asian communities throughout Chicago.

At Crossroads Fund we pool resources to sustain movement work for the long haul. We know that change takes time and yes, hard truths. Crossroads Fund is  committed to funding movements for racial, social, and economic justice in Chicago. Will you join us by making a one-time gift or a gift over time?

In Solidarity,

Jane Kimondo

Executive Director



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Wed, Aug 11, 2021


August is Black August.

August is Black Philanthropy Month

In 1979, Black August was created to honor political prisoners of the past and the present and celebrate the history of resistance.

We are called to reflect on the legacies of Black freedom fighters while rededicating ourselves to end incarceration in all its violent forms by divesting from systems that uphold white supremacy and colonialism and investing in communities' wellbeing.

August is also Black Philanthropy Month (BPM). A time to make visible all the ways Black people give to the community when this giving is always under-reported and not widely acknowledged. Crossroads Fund is grateful to all the Black giving that has sustained movements for justice throughout the ages. Below is information on both Black August and BPM.

In the spirit of Black Philanthropy Month, we invite you to donate to Crossroads FundJoin a diverse group of donors at Crossroads Fund  committed to funding movements for racial, social, and economic justice in Chicago. Will you join us by making a one-time gift or a gift over time?

In Solidarity,

Jane Kimondo

Executive Director



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Thu, Aug 05, 2021

June turned out to be one of the warmest months on record for Chicago. The recent fiery full moon was a result of smoke from the Western wildfires that made its way across the United States. Meanwhile, some parts of Asia and Europe have experienced the worst floods in decades. These events are a solemn reminder that the planet we’re inhabiting continues to warm up.  The deliberate actions by the state and institutions that uphold white supremacy today will have consequences that affect all of us, regardless of what corner of the world we live in.

At Crossroads Fund, we’re feeling the heat as we raise money to support grassroots movements sounding the alarm on environmental degradation and other disparities that influence our food, water, health and lifestyle choices for the foreseeable future. Our mandate is to fund grassroots groups mobilizing people towards a healthy and safe future that should be promised to all.

For the next four weeks we invite you to join our Hot Rad [ical] Summer fundraising campaign. Together, we will raise money to support organizing in Chicago. Will you join us by making a one-time gift or a gift over time?

In Solidarity,

Jane Kimondo

Executive Director



Fri, Jul 30, 2021