Our Collective Liberation

“Our histories never unfold in isolation. We cannot truly tell what we consider to be our own histories without knowing the other stories. And often we discover that those other stories are actually our own stories.” 

Angela Y. Davis

At this historic moment, marked by wars, mass migration, climate crisis, and the rollback of hard-won gains in areas like affirmative action, LGBTQ+ rights, reproductive rights, Angela Y. Davis’ words resonate more deeply and urgently than ever. Our stories and the stories of others facing oppression compel us toward action. We understand that our collective liberation will require us to speak from our hearts, to move with purpose, and to commit to holding each other accountable to our values. We seek the transformation necessary to reckon with our shared histories while carving a path forward to a more liberated collective future. 

Crossroads Fund, along with our many grantee partners, offer an abundance of opportunities for you to get involved – direct action organizing, mass mobilization in the street, mutual aid support, artmaking for children, skillshare workshops, and making meaningful financial contributions. Across many neighborhoods and communities, there are spaces for action, reflection, grieving, learning and unlearning, healing, creativity, and more. Together, we are the movements for justice we need right now.

We are proud to share this annual report of our work during the 2023 fiscal year. Through the combined efforts of Crossroads Fund staff, board, volunteers, grantee partners, donors, philanthropy collaborators, and well-wishers, we did a lot to resource our movements for justice. Collectively, we moved $5.8 million to 218 grantee partners working across the city and suburbs on a myriad of issues. This work spans many areas of the movement ecosystem including arts,culture and media, mutual aid, economic development, government accountability, housing, immigrant and migrant rights, workers rights, youth organizing, and more. Crossroads Fund is proud of all we accomplished in FY23 and we encourage you to read about our collective impact. Let our shared successes inspire you to engage even more deeply in response to the challenges of our time.

Until Freedom,